About Boylan Transport

Boylan Transport – since 1981

We been operating a Just-In-Time shuttle service for major FMCG businesses such as CUB and CCEP for over thirty (30) years where we monitor their production demands and generate/deliver loads to ensure DIFOT issues do not occur.

Our business is proud in the fact that our SOP/ COR standards and compliance levels have produced a DIFOT KPI of 99.8% from over 13,000 loads per annum.

Our expertise in food handling and logistics has continued to evolve as legislative and client requirements have changed. We keep abreast of new technologies and continue to search for innovation that benefit our clients especially MG who have been the recipient of increased payloads and cost reductions throughout our tenure with them.

BT is a mass management certified supplier of transport services where its drivers and vehicles are all registered and accredited under this scheme. BT has consistently pursued maximum legislative load capacity in order to drive productivity improvements for our customers.

We also provide value-added services linked to the efficient supply chain including pallet maintenance, packaging, unloading containers and raw materials. The video linked to this website highlights these services further


Whether it is providing on-time metropolitan or intrastate shuttle services to providing Just-In-Time warehouse and logistic services, Boylan has proven expertise across both segments.

This expertise is being utilised by a number of major FMCG and producers over many years, including Nestle, Amcor,  CUB and CCEP 

RELIABILTY is a result of the service provider taking full responsibilty and care for the products they have been entrusted with. Boylan strives to be a ‘hassle-free’ service provider by leveraging our expertise and experience to manage all aspects of receiving, warehousing and delivering product.

In terms of straight shuttle services we manage the timeslot schedules between end-to-end businesses and our drivers to ensure we are fully compliant.

Our success and long term partnerships have been driven by our RELIABILTY in providing a seamless and results driven operations using the best resources and assets.


Trailer load optimisation is critical to the efficiency of any supply chain in terms of maximised payloads and costs.

Using load plan technology and/or advising the client on cubing out loads by our experienced logistics team ensure the above objectives are met before each departing load.

Boylan also continually investigates ways to increase load capacity by adjusting or implementing racking systems.
As per picture left, Boylan installed racking systems to increase payload from 17 to 25 pallets whilst staying under load restrictions. This investment resulted in an increase payload of 47% generating cost savings across a number of areas for both businesses.

We also increased the heights on our metro shuttle trailers to enable the customer to add an extra row onto their pallets, again generating increased payload, less loads and significant cost savings to the customer.

The critical balance in load optimisation is to ensure maximum load limits are complied with prior to any load plans being deployed.